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We hope all who enter here feel the love and friendship that lives  inside these walls.  We hope it’s a safe retreat from the stresses of life, and a place of spiritual and emotional renewal for you. For us, Stockholm UMC is a place for genuine connection, with God and each other. We hope you experience this kind of connection too. We live in a spirit of gratitude. We are a community who wants to meet life with authenticity, open heartedness, and generosity.


As a church, we seek intergenerational and cultural diversity. We embrace the church’s past and its future. We harness classic spiritual practices and truths that transcend time and place - which include the liturgy and gifts of the Spirit. We are not political as a body, and stand for marginalized and broken people everywhere, as Jesus did. We are imperfect. Imperfect people who love God and practice kindness. We practice spiritual disciplines of prayer, worship, study, and honest reflection - and relationships. We believe in transformation by the Holy Spirit, through faith in God and Jesus Christ. We believe God is for us, and our love for humanity draws us closer to the heart of our Creator.  We believe “on earth as it is in heaven” means we can know real joy, hope, and love right here, right now.


If you’d like to know more about our church community, or would like  prayer or counsel, please don’t hesitate to contact Pastor Wally or Linda Ellwein anytime at or 973.697.6202. It’s confidential, of course. 

We hope you come back! 



Connect with us! 


Twitter: Touch the Spirit

Website: (this site temporarily down)

Phone: 973.697.6202

Mailing Address: 27 C.R. 515, Stockholm, NJ 07460

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