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Stockholm UMC's prayer ministry is important to us because you are important to us. We have a network of people dedicated to praying for everyone who asks for prayer. We encourage you not to think your prayer request isn't important enough -- it is. Sometimes what is a small problem to one person is despair to another. 


If you'd like, we can include your personal prayer in our Sunday morning corporate prayer during worship. We can place your prayer on the prayer chain, where it is sent via text, email, or phone to everyone who participates from our church body.


You may also ask that only the pastors, or only pastors and lay ministers pray for you.

Let us know what your preference is  below, or fill out a prayer request card in the sanctuary pews on Sunday morning. Just place it in the offering basket as it is passed around, and please raise your hand during prayer time to be included in our morning prayer too.  Please feel free to call us anytime, 973-697-6202, or email us at

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