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Stockholm UMC has many events throughout the year. Please check the calendar for updates and recent schedules. Here are some of the regular and ongoing activities over the next few months. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to contact us using the information in the footer here. Or be in touch with the individual contacts for each group. We hope you'll join us. We experience a rich sense of meaning in our lives when we include God in it and we have a lot of fun together. We think you will too.


Here are some  ongoing activities at Stockholm UMC. To learn more, contact us!

UM Women's Events

United Methodist Women's Group at Stockholm UMC is a mainstay here, and always has something going on. They have a monthly luncheon meeting the first Wednesday of the month, Rummage Sales, Fall Festivals, Holiday Events, and they're always doing something amazing for someone to lighten their load. They'd love for you to join them. Contact Kim Schutte, President, 845.544.3897 or 973.697.6202

12 Step Meetings & Events

We are strong supporters of the 12 step community and the Recovery movement. We believe AA founders were anointed to bring this healing, connective, and confessional program to the world.  See the calendar or upcoming events for more information and contacts.

Men's Campfire Fellowship

Men, Fire, Food and Friendship. 

A men's group will gather when weather and schedules allow to support one another in joys & challenges we all face. A fire and a prayer is always good medicine for men.   Contact Pastor Wally or Linda with questions. 973.697.6202


Love to sing and love God? Here's your chance to stand out! We're always looking for passionate voices to our choir. We're a diverse band of characters having a lot of fun singing the Lord's praises. Why not join us? You'd make our day. Contact us at 973.697.6202 By the way, this is not us. We wish.

Confirmation Class

Youth, ages 12 - 18, are welcome to particpate in the Confirmation Class. Please get in touch with us at 973.697.6202 for more info.

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