SUMC Missions and Community Support

Here are various missions and activities we engage in throughout the year. Photos below link you to their websites to learn more. Our church in-house activities are not linked because you're here - we will expand on them in coming months. :)  Contact us for more information.


  Thanks for stopping by to see the good work people are doing everywhere!

Skylands OutreachDepot
Red Bird Mission
Harvest House Lunch Program
Truckstop Ministries
Northwest Christian School
A Future with Hope
Ed Casey Scholarship Fund
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Imagine No Malaria
United Methodist Student Day
Family Partners
NJ Recovery Center - No Link Yet
Bill & Linda Henderson, Missionaries
Samaritan Inn New jersey
Shut Ins/HospitalVisitation
Fellowship Fund & Stephens Pantry
SUMC's small effort to help whenever possible.
Building Renovation Fund
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