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- John Wesley.

Wesley is founder of the Wesleyan Tradition, and a founder of Methodism.

What We Care About.


We care about the world, God, and each other. Whether it's the people sitting beside us on Sunday morning, or a mother needing shoes for her child half a world away.  We get it that we're one - at least most days. We do everything we can to make a difference whenever possible. Our food pantry helps many local families, and we're deeply committed to the ministries we support. Sharing in celebrations, meals, and music together is what makes community real, whether it's right here in the sanctuary, or out in the community.


We believe in lifting each other up - because every one of us needs lifting for one reason or another. Even you and me.  We all rise by lifting others - and that makes the world go round. We're forever grateful for the joy that comes from loving God and each other.


Around the World and Around the Block


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