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Saying Thank You.

Over the course of a lifetime, we are each blessed with an onslaught of goodness. These blessings come in a million different ways and I am no different. Sometimes when I think back on how much goodness has crossed my path, I am overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude. This is more often the case, no matter my life situation. 

My life has had one primary purpose, with many trails leading out from it. This primary purpose has been to love and spread light -- and hopefully, follow my heart in the process.

Ranked right beside this is to be authentic. Authentic in spirit. Real. Whatever that may look or feel like on a particular day. This has probably changed in countless ways over a lifetime.

Just like I have. 

And right after that lies hope -- to be a catalyst for hope, positive change and transformation no matter where my path led me.  This included the hope for a healing world and healthy relationships, whether this was in individuals, families, communities, or organisations. Thus, the name Oikonomia for a non-profit I founded to do this work. 

Always running parallel to my purpose in life has been my desire to love another and to be loved. Deeply. This has never changed.

That was for the record. What comes next is an attempt at saying thank you.  It is with great humility because once one tries to say thank you, you realize how there is never an adequate thank you when you've been loved or blessed by the goodness of others.  

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